Coffee just got even more serious

Gesha coffee is a rare, ancient Ethiopian varietal that was rediscovered recently in Panama and immediately took the specialty coffee world by storm.

For professional coffee tasters, who dedicate their lives to the bean, the Best of Panama Gesha coffee is considered as close to perfection as you can possibly get.

For coffee tasters, Panama Gesha coffee stands out as spectacular in every category:

  • flavour
  • aromatics
  • acidity
  • balance
  • mouthfeel
  • aftertaste
  • sweetness
  • complexity
  • The levels are as high as you will ever see in the world of coffee.

The recent history of Gesha began in 1996 when a father-son duo, Price and Daniel Peterson, purchased a new addition to their coffee farm in the region of Boquete, Panama. They went ahead and cultivated some odd looking, spindly, wild coffee trees. The first crop from this cultivation was harvested and processed in 2004. It went on to become a 96 point coffee (specialty grade coffee is +80) and sold for an unprecedented price at auction.

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